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September 30, 1972: Roberto Clemente collects 3,000th career hit in final at-bat

This article was written by Gregory H. Wolf As the 1972 season entered its last week, Pittsburgh’s 38-year-old right fielder, Roberto Clemente, was tired. Coming off an MVP performance the year before in the Pirates’ World Series victory over Balti… Read More

Pirates Win 1960 World Series in a Walk Off by Mazeroski

The 1960 World Series was played between the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League (NL) and the New York Yankees of the American League (AL) from October 5 to 13, 1960. It is most notable for the Game 7, ninth-inning home run hit by Bill Mazeros… Read More

2017 Spring Pee Wee Season

Welcome to the Pirates! I'm very excited about our upcoming season. Some things I wanted to pass along. I think everyone has played before, but just in case, you'll need some equipment. Helmet with a facemask. Wooden bat. For most kids this age … Read More