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St Charles CYC Twitter @stcharlescyc

CYC St. Charles District News

As we begin another year of CYC sports feel free to share those memories or follow St Charles CYC on Twitter @stcharlescyc Read More

The Importance of Jewelry Rules

CYC St. Charles District News

In CYC sanctioned games/matches, players are not permitted to wear jewelry, even if it is covered by tape or a bandage. Medical and Religious type items may be allowed under certain conditions per the CYC rule books though. The attached article is r… Read More

Welcome To Your Team Website

We are excited!

This is the start of something really great. As you can see, the team now has its very own TeamWALL! Along with displaying all of the team schedules, results and standings, TeamWALL easily allows Coaches to add game recaps, photo albums and statist… Read More